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for Developers

The API of the Russian Cinema website is designed to provide customers with information about films that are made in cinemas in Russia.

Information should be used for the operation of user applications and services.

The default information format is xml. To obtain data in JSON format, you need to add a parameter to the query, for example:

http:/kinoinfo.ru/api/city_dir/?format=json or get a dump, for example: http://kinoinfo.ru/api/download/city_dir/?format=json

Users who do not have API client status can view detailed information about all API methods, but in a limited number (10 entries).

To become an API client to receive any amount of data, you need to send it to the mail kinoafisharu@gmail.com a description of the project or application in which the data will be used. Data will be provided for the payment agreed with you (from $ 50 per year).

All comments, opinions, comments and suggestions write on the mail kinoafisharu@gmail.com